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Police should utilize full potential of social media

Social media can play important role in crime control

Two-day workshop on 'Social Media for Law and Order' concludes in Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication

Bhopal, 25th October, 2016 : Police department should utiilse full potential of social media. It is not mere a tool to promote corporate communication. It can be helpful in controlling crime, intelligence gathering, investigation and public order maintenance and community policing. Human resources can be managed at reduced cost through this medium. These views were expressed by former director of CBI Padmashri DR Kaarthikeyan in valedictory function of two-day workshop on 'Social Media for Law and Order' organised by Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication today. He said the university is the best media university in the country and it has special recognition.

Shri Kaarthikeyan said, social media and digital platforms are changing private and public sectors. Leadership in police department must embrace social media and update pattern of policing. It can be a tool for gathering evidence and information about suspects and identifying criminal networks. Underling importance of social media, he said social media has become a part of daily life and every one of four is active on social media. This has given voice to common man. Referring cyber laws, Shri Kaarthikeyan said, the laws are not sufficient and there is need to update them. Misuse of social media is at beginning stage in the country and would increase further, if proper attention is not paid. He said, prosecution under IT Act and for violation of the norms must be publicised so that people can realize that it is no free for all medium.

Computer sent to USA for retrieving data in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case: Shri Kaarthikeyan, who carried out investigation in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, said a computer seized from the accused was sent to USA for retrieving data. It could not be done. Now the facility to retrieving data is available in India.

Innovation to pave the way: Chairing the valedictory function, university vice-chancellor Prof Brij Kishore Kuthiala said the one who does innovation always shows the path not only to the country but to entire world. Madhya Pradesh police has an opportunity to formulate structure for use of social media in law and order and put before all. He said, things will be carried out at administrative level but police officers at personal level too can use the technology for better output. Prof Kuthiala quoted a reference of a book and said internet would bring the change as Mahatma Gandhi brought revolution through 'charkha'.  ADG (police reform) Maithili Sharan Gupta said opinions for police reforms should be gathered through social media. Workshop coordinator and HoD of New Media Technology department Dr Sasikala presented report. Head of Mass Communication Department Sanjay Dwivedi conducted the proceedings.

Cyber Army needed: During discussion on 'law and order problems due to social media', senior journalist and author Vivek Agrawal said nudity is a big problem on social media, along with morphing. Cheating and forgery cases also come afore. He said, present situation and circumstance demand formation of cyber Army. State spokesperson of AAP Neha Bagga said public is not aware of cyber laws. She put various examples of use of social media in solving various problems. Chairing the session, IPS officer Yogesh Chaudhary said, social media is being used by large population but there is no maturity level in the use that is required. Shri Chaudhary said all police stations in Madhya Pradesh are technology-savvy. Professor of Lady Shriram College, New Delhi, Dr Rachna Sharma conducted the proceedings.

In another session on 'Case studies and discussion', Assistant Professor of Journalism department of Mysore University Dr Sapna MS presented on various success stories of Karnataka police in use of social media. She said Mysore police not only tackled crimes by using the media but created its good image. BSNL senior DGM Mahesh Shukla put live picture of misuse of social media in Jammu & Kashmir where he was posted six years ago and explained the circumstances in which decision was taken to put a ban on internet. Senior photographer Pradip Tiwari informed about use of social media by Chandigarh police and its benefits. Senior journalist Shiv Harsh Suhalka advocated for monitoring mechanism. Senior journalist Sarman Nagele put nformation about promotion of social media by the governments. IPS officer Pawan Jain said social media is now a weapon of common man against powerful persons. He said journalism was mission at the time freedom struggle and turned as profession after the freedom. As interests of owners involve, it became 'commission'. Now, the information world is being used as weapon which has pros and cons. Director (production) Ashish Joshi conducted the proceedings.