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Pratibha-2016 continues in MCU

Several competitions held in Journalism University


Bhopal, 13 March, 2016 : Installation, mono acting and mimicry and other competitions were held on the second day of the Pratibha-2016 in Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication in its annual fest, on Sunday.

Participants delivered a very positive message that elders are our heritage in installation competition. There is the need of the hour to be sensitive towards them. Students mesmerized audience by mono acting. They played impressively humorous and serious acts both. Some others showcased their talent in mimicry by copying acting of Sunny Deol and Amitabh Bachchan.  Contest of photography was organized for students having interest in the field.

Students made different presentations on theme of ‘Our Elders, Our Heritage’ in installation competition. Participants expressed their views in animation on ‘Divyangta Banati Sambal’; artists made different symbols of the university in clay modeling. Others captured beautiful and natural scene of Arera Hills in photography contest. Websites were designed ‘Alumni Meet of the University’ in website designing contest. Second round of chess and carom competitions were also organized.

Competitions on Monday: Competitions like poem recitation, quiz and debate will be held on Monday on the third day of the annual events in the journalism university.