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Basics in science and media are similar : Prof Singh

Freedom of speech is for creativity, not for destruction

Seminar on ‘Changing Landscape of Media and Socio-political Transformation in India’ held

Bhopal: 16 March, 2016 : The basics of Science and media are the same. Five Ws and one H questions are important and the same are applied in science. Major difference between the two is the media starts with ‘whom’ and time starts with ‘what’. The bases of both are being investigated.

The aforementioned views are of Prof. Balram Singh of Massachusetts University of the USA. Addressing a seminar on ‘Changing landscape of Media and Socio-political transformation in India’ in Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication on Wednesday, Prof Singh said that roots of India are deep down and its philosophy is reflected in various countries’ constitutions as well.

An alumni of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Prof. Singh stated that freedom of speech should be there to develop creativity and not for destruction. No transformation is possible by only sloganeering in society and country. Reforms are made in the country by doing some positive efforts. He emphasized on patriotism among all.

On media, politics and science, Prof Balram said that all three are similar when they work on who, when, where, what, why and what. Media is one of the four pillars in the democracy and is important one, but the question is, are all the four pillars working properly. This is to be worked upon.

He emphasized on the need of understanding cultural moorings before communication, by the journalists. By comparing Indo-Western media, he said media in India is facing the crisis of credibility.

He said questions were raised in Science Congress over Lord Shiva being termed as an ‘environmentalist’. We should think on the lines, that religion is being explained with a scientific perspective.

Prof Singh appreciated the efforts of the MCU to cite Indian references in their future researches and said ‘this would be very remarkable not for Indians but also for others and set a positive trend.’

Rector Lajpat Ahuja gave the welcome speech. He said Prof Singh is working as an ambassador of Indian Diaspora. Dr Avinash Bajpai conducted the proceedings.