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Key for Success; Learn & Grow - Gajendra Chauhan

Positivity helps to tackle difficulties of Life
Gajendra Chauhan Chairman of FTTI Addressed as The Chief Guest at MCU

Bhopal, 27th July, 2016: MCU inaugurated its three-day orientation program session 2016 by paying homage to former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. On this occasion, Shri Gajendra Chauhan, Chairman, FTII, Pune interacted with the students as the chief guest. He emphasised on the importance of Anger, Time, and Talent management for the students and appealed to bring in the necessary changes in their lives. He also addressed the media persons attending the session to emphasise on the news which are in the positive interest of the public. He answered all the queries of the students by sharing his real-life experiences with them. While recalling his past, he quoted his father, ''If we have to get rid of poverty, we ought to be positive all the time in life and education is the only way to lead a better life.'' He also mentioned that we shouldn't compromise with studies ever in life. Whatever we would do, will be counted as our efforts in the interest of national development. In the context of cinema, he said that society is the basis of cinema. The content we see in film and television is inspired from the lifestyle of common people. He said, that an actor is the convergence of action, concentration, timing, originality and reflection. He shared that his recent film can be released by August end which is the biopic of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee.

Nature supports the good causes - Prof. Kuthiala

In the inaugural ceremony, Prof. Brij Kishore Kuthiala, Chancellor, MCU chaired the session emphasizing on a philosophy that whatever good or bad happens in life is the result of whether we have positive or negative approach towards it. He inspired the students to have positive aspiration in life, then even nature would support us in achieving our goals. He also said that, whatever decisions we take keeping in mind the social interest in mind is termed as auspicious decision. Mentioning Bharat Ratan Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam 's quote from his first book, Prof Kuthiala termed it very important for journalists. Dr. Kalam mentioned that it is necessary to be negative sometimes. But if a journalist is negative all the time, he must write at least one positive news every day. Prof. Kuthiala said that there ten thousand journalists deployed in a given day, thus we can imagine the enormity of positive environment in nation if they write one such news everyday. He requested all the new students to remember Dr. Kalam's message always in mind. Prof. Kuthiala made all the students swear the same swearing message that   Dr. Kalam made students in his 2012 visit in University.

Shri. Anand Agasey, Former Editor, Sakal (Marathi Daily) addressed students in second session of the event on the topic, 'Career in Print Media'. He told that print media is already huge and continues to grow touching new heights everyday with the annual growth of 9%. Due to the absence of electricity in far flung areas, electronic communication is facing challenges to scale which is the reason why we still like newspaper more than electronic medium. He said that due to increasing readership, newspapers have started giving more space to letter to editor in editorial column.

He told students that, regional newspapers are much liked by readers in comparison to English dailies. Print media students ought to have knowledge of several other mediums. Similarly, a journalist should be well versed with one additional language other than the mother tongue. He said that the future is digital media. Thus we ought to increase our technical capabilities to have cohesiveness with the coming change in media industry.

At the another session, Shri Lajpat Ahuja, Rector, MCU briefed students about the University. Shri. Deepak Sharma, Registrar, MCU shared information against ragging. While Dr. Rajesh Pathak talked about the examination nuances to students. Dr. Rakhi Tiwari shared her views on gender equality. Teachers, staff, students, city's renowned media personnel and citizens attended the orientation program.