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Art direction is associated with aesthetics of cinema

Film appreciation workshop held in MCU

Bhopal, 18th November, 2017: The History of Indian cinema starts from black and while movie 'Harishachandra'. Since then, look of the cinema has been changing as per the needs. Time, story, ideas and money have played an important role in changing the art form of Indian cinema. The most important among these is story. The look of any movie is based on its story. Art direction is associated with aesthetics of cinema. Noted art director Shri Jayant Deshmukh expressed these views in 'film appreciation' organized by Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication. He replied students queries related with Indian cinema. Vice Chancellor Prof Brij Kishore Kuthiala chaired the inaugural function. 

            Addressing students on 'Art and Cinema', Shri Deshmukh said that we should understand colour combination to learn the art of cinema. Learn the language of colour. Every colour says something. Art directors work to make effective every scene of movie. If the film is based on reality, its art side would be realistic as was seen in 'Bandit Queen'. And, art side will be imaginative, if the story is based on fiction or imagination as was seen in Golmaal. He said that art side connects director, designer, photo director, director of production and producer. Production (design) people design movie and art director executes it. Shri Deshmukh said that cinema is technical field. Its practice and experience teach us. He said that art side of Indian cinema has been got influence from Hollywood and other films. Small screen has also made its impact on big screen. Television tells that art side should be such as the people in society start changing their life and houses. Television has changed the decoration in houses of middle class. Make-up, jewellery and dressing have been changed according to television.  

            Vice Chancellor Prof Brij Kishore Kuthiala said that students preparing for the career in film industry should find out that what is in it for them and why.  They should decide their role in advance and evaluate self, thinking that whether they will act, shoot, do art direction and write for film. There are huge prospects for them in every field. Rector Shri Lajpat Ahuja also spoke on the occasion. Dean, Academic, Prof Pavitra Shrivastava proposed the vote of thanks.

            On 'Writing for Film', art critic Shri Vinay Upadhyay said that we should develop holistic vision of the life to understand films. Cinema is created according to time, country and situations. We cannot write without understanding the background of the story. Noted theatre artist Shri Alok Chatarjee addressed students on 'Film Acting and Direction'. He said that acting requires discipline.  

            Senior journalist and documentary maker Shri Anil Yadav guided students on documentary making. Former student of the university and creative director in Mumbai Shruti Shrivastava delivered lecture on 'Creativity in Films and Serials'. Documentaries and short movies prepared by students were presented in the workshop.