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“Focus on Strategic communication planning with strategic media plan” - Prof. B.K. Kuthiala

Bhopal, 24th November, 2017: The Second day of the two-day departmental seminar organized by department of media management of Makhanlal  Chaturvedi National University of Journalism And Communication . It was very enlightening for the students .The first session of the day was chaired by Nirmal Singh Raghav (Hr Head Ramani group). He addressed students about various marketing strategies for a successful organization started with” jai ho” slogan and said marketing is about understanding rationality and irrationality.

The second session was headed by Rajat Pandey( IT consultant). He addressed the students regarding the technology used in advertising and marketing. In the era of technology, it is very necessary to upgrade ourselves with time. He said use of technology at right place and right time is must.

The seminar was carried forward with third session, chaired by Vineet Joshi (director and scriptwriter). He shared his experience with the case study of film M.S DHONI and discussed the different technicalities of film, costing and different ways of film promotion.

Avinash Tirpathi (C.E.O Animesh Film Production Pvt Ltd) headed the fourth session. He gave lecture on critical approach towards cinematography. Films are always having vision. He said neither deficiency decreases our capability nor camera nor any new trend increases it.

The last session was lead by Mahesh Shukla(G.M B.S.N.L Bhopal).He shared psychological marketing technique through recalling of words in the field of telecommunication. The valedictory  session was conducted by Prof B.K.Kuthiala (V.C  M.C.U) .He conferred about strategic media planning and he suggest students to focus on strategic  communication planning along with strategic media planning.